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Nucor Grating in the US is now under the Vulcraft brand.

Nucor Grating in Canada remains the same.

A Historical Time-Line of Nucor Grating

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A Historical Time-line of Nucor Grating

1849 – Beginning of Nucor Grating

  • John Fisher manufactures and sells pots, pans and kettles known as “Tinmens Furniture” in Birmingham, England

  • Joined by Henry Walter Ludlow

  • Grew to become one of the largest press shops in the Commonwealth

    • Supplied automobile bodies to the British Motor Corporation

    • Built electric appliances, vending machines & mechanical handling equipment

1954 – Established in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

  • Manufactured the first welded grating in Canada using the FlowForge® trade name

1959 – Acquired by British Motor Company

1966 - Moved to Burlington, Ontario

  •  Greenfield facility of 67,000 square feet

1977 – Joined the Harris Steel family

1985 – began manufacturing Safety Grating

  • Trade name, Deck Span®

2006 - Acquired the Tru-Weld company

2007 - Joined the Nucor Family

2009 – Acquired the Grating Division of Leavitt Tube

Today – Nucor Grating has 12 locations in North America with a

manufacturing capacity of over 100,000 tons, able to satisfy customer needs the world over.