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Nucor Grating in the US is now under the Vulcraft brand.

Nucor Grating in Canada remains the same.

Company Vision & Core Values

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Nucor Grating is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The company is a leading producer of grating and related materials in North America and the largest producer in Canada. We are a company that does not believe in bureaucracy and are very lean in our leadership structure. We believe in providing a stable, safe, healthful work environment that enables our team to achieve or exceed our customers’ expectations.

If the job needs to get done and to get done right, we are the company to do it.

Our Vision

We believe that every one of our Teammates can help achieve our vision of being the Safest, Most Profitable, Most Customer Focused, Highest Quality, Grating Company in North America.

Our Core Values

In order to accomplish our Vision, each member of our team must be dedicated to the 5 core values of our Company. These are:

  • We work Safe
  • We are Customer Focused
  • We treat people with Respect
  • We do the Right Thing
  • We are Honest and act with Integrity